The Best Endpoint Security Monitoring and Management Tools to Consider in 2021

Thousands of endpoint devices and hundreds of servers. That’s what some of us are trying to manage within our IT department. But even if your organization only has a few hundred or dozens of devices, it’s still a lot of work trying to find out which software products were downloaded to which device, which endpoint doesn’t have the latest antivirus patch, and whether there’s any malware in your network.

Endpoint security software exists to make our lives easier. It enables companies to meet both internal and external compliance requirements and helps IT and security team members gain actionable insights.

To help you choose, here are some of the best endpoint security monitoring tools available in the market today. We chose the most efficient tools, then let them pretty much tell their own story (today’s guide is based on official company information across websites and LinkedIn profiles).


Endpoint security is Tanium’s specialty.
Agentless or requires agent install: There are agentless capacities, but you need an agent to enjoy this software to its full capacity.
In their own words: Tanium simplifies endpoint security control for enterprises and governments across many operating systems. Your employees can send queries in plain English, get all the data they need and take proactive steps within seconds.


Endpoint security is one of many solutions Rapid7 offers.
Agentless or requires agent install: Offers both agent and agentless options.
In their own words: Rapid7’s endpoint monitoring tool, InsightV, was launched in 2015 to secure cloud applications. It includes real time and automated scans, vulnerability and endpoint analytics, and cross-team collaboration features.


Endpoint security is one of many solutions Armis offers.
Agentless or requires agent install: Agentless.
In their own words: Developed for enterprises looking for simple deployment, Armis helps you discover all the endpoints across your managed and unmanaged IoT applications (from smart TVs to medical devices), understand their context, and detect threats and quarantine them, so your critical data remains safe.

Promisec Endpoint Manager

Full disclosure: Promisec is our own tool.
Endpoint security is our specialty. We’re proud to be pioneers in the endpoint management sector.
Agentless or requires agent install: Agentless.
In our own words: Promisec’s PEM software is a high-end, holistic tool that provides real time, 360 degree visibility, inspection, reporting and remediation across software and hardware endpoints. You get a wide variety of features, including an integrated dashboard, work-from-home support and the ability to stop threats efficiently both manually and automatically.

Free Endpoint Security Tools

If you’re looking for a cost-effective start, check out these free endpoint security tools: Wazuh and Pandora FMS. Keep in mind that these are open-source tools, meaning they don’t commit to providing support. If you have the resources and capability to resolve your own issues with the help of online communities, these tools could be a good fit for you.

How to Choose the Best Endpoint Security Monitoring Tool for You

Start by defining your “must have” and “nice to have” items based on your organization’s goals and needs. Choose two or three of the best endpoint security software products from this list. Then, contact their team and check out a demo.
Make sure to learn about the company and their support as well. Team expertise can be crucial when you inevitably encounter an endpoint security challenge.
This is a great opportunity to shout out our team members here at Promisec and thank them for their dedication. They’re experts who truly care about their customers’ success.

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Promisec is the developer of Endpoint Manager, an agentless solution that delivers complete visibility and remediation capabilities across all endpoints while extending the value of customers' current information-security investments.