PEM - Promisec Endpoint Manager

Holistic Endpoint Protection –

Compliance, Management and Threat Detection

PEM leverages proprietary agentless technology to quickly inspect your entire enterprise, identifying, analyzing, and remediating security gaps. The solution is engineered to run at scale on any network, serving diverse use cases from compliance through cyber.

Security rule #1 - Keep Your Endpoints Up-to-date

Research has shown that the majority of breaches involved vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied. This means that compromises can often be prevented very simply – by applying patches. This fact illustrates how cyber risk can be dramatically reduced if only companies would enforce their default security policies they defined as standard.

PEM Keeps Your Endpoints Up-to-date

PEM delivers a fundamental capability to the IT organization responsible for software patches updates across the company endpoints and servers. PEM provides unified visibility and control over what’s running on your endpoints and servers, ensuring that you can respond in near real time to any potential flagged threat. With PEM you get full visibility of every file, registry, process, network connection, third-party product and OS version across the organization.

How It Works


  • Endpoint vulnerability detection
  • Full visibility of endpoint hardware and software
  • Flexible management dashboard
  • Compliance assurance
  • AV/EDR activation and updates
  • Automatic and manual remediation
  • Software license management
  • Program management with whitelists/backlists
  • Integration with third-party security solutions and SIEMs
  • Automatic GPO and golden image implementation
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Why PEM?

Dashboard and Reporting

Data is presented in an advanced dashboard, which features clear and comprehensive charts, granular filtering and issue drill down capabilities. All your data available at a glance, and automatically exportable as files or to third-party reporting solutions.


Deviations from a known, compliant state can
be responded to with clear actions, manually,
automatically, or by escalating the issue.
Respond with built-in actions which can do
anything from removing blacklisted software,
to changing policies, or even customize and
create your own actions.

Stay Connected 24/7

Automatically drive events to your SIEM and to patch management, endpoint protection, security analytics, or incident response teams.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment – deploy across thousands or tens of thousands of endpoints in hours, eliminating weeks of planning and disruption when compared to traditional agent-based products.


Clearly defined policies and desired states, including support for various standards such as NIST and CIS.

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