Use cases

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Application whitelisting software
Organizations generally have a standard operating environment, or SOE. This ensures consistent performance and reliability by maintaining the same basic software, operating system, and applications across the user base.
Promisec’s whitelist baseline feature works works in a few simple steps.
  • We create a baseline: a list of approved software, services, and processes that we don’t want to deviate from.
  • Our tool then monitors all endpoints closely, so any deviation or change from this baseline will be picked up on. This allows us to take any necessary action to maintain the baseline and ensure reliable performance.
Following baselines are created
  • Startup Monitor

    Monitors events within the startup command of endpoints.
  • Process Monitor

    Checks whether the processes in the baseline are running on all endpoints. If any deviations are found, it generates an alert.
  • Service Monitor

    Ensures that baseline services are properly configured and in the correct running state.
  • Toolbar Monitor

    Checks for any installed Internet Explorer toolbars that are not part of the baseline.
  • Application Monitor

    This inspects installed applications, and generates an alert if it discovers any application not in the baseline.
  • Required Update Monitor

    Looks for installed updates on the endpoints.

Administrator Group Monitor

Looks for missing authorized IDs in the Administrator’s group of endpoints, along with any unauthorized IDs, and generates alerts.

What if the inspection discovers an application you think should be allowed, but shouldn’t be part of the baseline? In this case, you can add it to the Acknowledge list from the console. This can be managed from the configuration itself.

Enjoy hassle-free deployment with Promisec’s application whitelisting software

Promisec’s application whitelisting software is essential for companies that want to keep their endpoints secure. Our innovative software allows you to create and easily manage hash-based whitelists.

Our application whitelisting software is different to most blacklisting software programs, because it ensures that only the applications you have directly authorized can run. This gives you total control over what enters the system – no file can run if it isn’t on the whitelist.

This way, Promisec’s application whitelisting software allows you to proactively manage unwanted applications so nothing slips through the net.