Holistic endpoint security – compliance, management and threat detection





Pioneering and unique in its capabilities, Promisec Endpoint Manager provides deep, accurate, and near-instant visibility and remediation throughout your entire network.

How it works

  • Inspect
  • Analyze
  • Remediate
  • Report
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PEM is a flexible, 100% platform-independent solution. PEM inspects every aspect of an endpoint’s assets – not just what’s currently running in memory – and provides detailed context so that you can detect threats before they cause problems for your enterprise, and not after the damage has been done.

By incorporating your organization’s own information security policies, PEM can immediately indicate when your systems do not comply with security standards, and can immediately fix the problem. Best practice standards can be loaded directly into PEM, and files and processes that are compromised or found to be malware are quickly identified.

With the most advanced remediation framework in the industry, PEM provides nearly endless flexibility for addressing gaps in endpoint security and operations health. Integrating with incident response processes, PEM allows you to correct problems remotely and automatically, using either out-of-box rollback operations or customized scripts.

PEM’s extensive built-in reports deliver detailed, actionable security information within your endpoints. Coupled with customizable reports, visual dashboards provide information appropriate for every audience, from executive management to hands-on technology administrators.


Endpoint vulnerability detection

Full visibility of endpoint hardware and software

Flexible management dashboard

Compliance assurance

AV/EDR activation and updates

Automatic and manual remediation

Software license management

Program management with whitelists/backlists

Integration with third-party security solutions and SIEMs

Automatic GPO and golden image implementation

Nearly one in three Windows computers are EOL at this point
(ZDnet, US Analytics Program)

37% workers

of workers use unauthorized apps daily, while 26% use them weekly to share files with colleagues (Code 42)

85% laptops

Approximately 85% of laptops are protected by some form of Antivirus, and 90% of PCs (Statista), but many of these are disabled, crippled, or out of date.

60% breaches

60% of breaches were linked to a vulnerability where a patch was available, but not applied. (Ponemon Institute)