Promisec Endpoint Manager, or PEM, is a flexible agentless solution that delivers complete endpoint detection and remediation capabilities across your enterprise.

PEM leverages patented technology to quickly inspect your entire enterprise to identify, analyze, and remediate security gaps. The solution is engineered to run at scale on any network, covering use cases from compliance through cyber.

Why do you need PEM, when there are so many security solutions? The problem is, security solutions – antivirus, application blockers, malware detection and a myriad of others – don’t always mesh well, and there are challenges that they leave unaddressed:

What you need is a way to ensure that the software running on your endpoints is supposed to be there, that your security solutions are updated and active, that you know about security threats in real time. You need something different. That something is Promisec Endpoint Manager. With Promisec you can achieve holistic endpoint security with no added agents, and ensure compliance at the same time.
Unified visibility and control over what’s running on your endpoints and servers for the host of security products trying to defend them
Ensuring that you can respond in seconds to any potential threat to your servers and endpoints
Knowing that you are ready for the next generation of threats by sourcing the latest threat intelligence

Gain complete visibility across all of your endpoints

Full visibility of every file, registry, process, network connection, third-party product and OS version.
Enables you to run continuously in environments that do not tolerate downtime (stock trading systems or SCADA environments).

Comprehensive analysis

Incredibly fast response times – less than ten seconds per endpoint – on advanced, enterprise-scale queries, detecting changes in your environment.
Clearly defined policies and desired states, including support for various standards such as NIST and CIS.
Automatically driven events to your SIEM and to patch management, endpoint protection, security analytics, or incident response teams.

Automatic, manual and integrated remediation options

Deviations from a known, compliant state can be responded to
with clear actions.
Respond in one of three ways:
  • Automated (as defined by your rules)
  • Manual enabled actions (with built in right clicks on actions)
  • Escalation to a SIEM or IT trouble ticket system
Respond with built-in actions which can remove blacklisted
software, change policies, force applications to quit and uninstall,
disconnect from the network, shut down completely, and even
customize and create your own actions.

Clear and actionable reporting

Report across organizational and regulatory guidelines with either standard out-of-the-box reports or custom reporting capabilities.
Data is presented in an advanced dashboard, which features clear and comprehensive charts, granular filtering and issue drilldown capabilities.
Export your data in PDF or CSV format, as well as syncing PEM with third-party reporting solutions to leverage your data in whatever way works best for you.

Rapid deployment

Deploy across thousands or tens of thousands of endpoints in hours
Eliminate weeks of planning and disruption when compared to traditional agent-based products
Requires very little support and maintenance on an ongoing basis.


Endpoint vulnerability detection

Full visibility of endpoint hardware and software

Flexible management dashboard

Compliance assurance

AV/EDR activation and updates

Automatic and manual remediation

Software license management

Program management with whitelists/backlists

Integration with third-party security solutions and SIEMs

Automatic GPO and golden image implementation